Mel’s Plain-Talk Platform

Government that talks with people

✔ I will talk with people, in their communities, about what they want. I will keep people informed. I will establish a website to enhance communication with Area P residents.

Keep a lid on taxes

✔ I will support prudent budgets and taxation control, and giving residents more input into the budgeting process.

Making things work

✔ Services should work. I will consult with communities on priorities. I will work to ensure we get a fair share of funding from senior governments. I will lobby other governments for improvements to infrastructure such as roads.

Livable neighbourhoods

✔ I will work for the integrity of neighbourhoods, emphasize communication and co-operation; and be vigilant against over-regulation.

Customer satisfaction

✔ I will propose a customer-focused approach for all TNRD departments, and a TNRD Taxpayer’s Charter to back it up.


Who I am:

• a resident of Area P for 7 years, rural resident since 1994

• retired newspaper editor

• 10 years of experience in local government




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