Questions asked about possible fires in Electoral Area P

BC Wildfire Services map shows two spot fires in Area P.

I’ve received inquiries today about a possible fire somewhere between Heffley Lake and Paul Lake. EOC is so far not aware of any fires in that area, and it appears likely a case of confusion with a small fire at the Heffley landfill yesterday that was quickly extinguished.

The landfill fire reached a size of 50 sq. ft. before being brought under 100 per cent control.

Today’s BC Wildfire Service map indicates two fires in Area P, one of which is almost certainly the landfill fire, though there’s no indication of its status.

Another refers to Heffley Creek but is actually on the west side of the North Thompson, west of Black Pines near the upper end of the Jamieson Creek Road. Again, there are no details as to whether that one is still burning, or how large.

Fortunately, thus far Area P has escaped any major fire events.

As EOC is extremely busy dealing with large-scale fire events, it may be hard to obtain timely information in some cases but staff are doing their best to keep TNRD directors informed about what’s going on in their area, and I will do my best to pass along anything of special interest to Area P residents.

I visited the evacuation registration centre at TRU today and it is teeming with evacuees and volunteers.


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