Offers of assistance pour in for wildfire evacuees

CFJC Today photo.

Offers of assistance to evacuees are pouring in as wildfires rage throughout the region.

Emergency Operations Centre information officer Debbie Sell said today (July 8, 2017) many calls are being received from people wishing to donate items for the evacuees who have fled several communities, many of whom have headed for Kamloops.

“At this time, the priority is to register all evacuees and ensure that their basic needs of accommodation and food are taken care of,” Sell said.

“We are asking all generous donations be held at this time by donors until we can provide further information on what items are required by evacuees and where donations can be dropped off.”

She said evacuees are still being accommodated in Kamloops, and should come to the reception centre at the McArthur Island Sports and Events Centre.

She issued an assurance at 1:13 p.m. today (July 8, 2017) that there’s still room to accommodate more evacuees in Kamloops, saying some media reports were suggesting otherwise.

A public Facebook page called Kamloops Area Wildfire Resources Group is attempting to help coordinate volunteers to look after evacuated pets and other needs. Some are offering to store trailers or motorhomes, while others are offering accommodation for the evacuees themselves.

More than 180 wildfires are burning across the province, with a thick haze of smoke hanging over the region.

The Ashcroft Reserve fire has grown to an estimated 4,000 hectares. The TNRD is coordinating an evacuation order in Cache Creek and has issued additional evacuation alerts.

Cause of the fire is under investigation.


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