Pritchard, Chase join Canada’s 150th birthday party

Providing some remarks at opening ceremony during 2016 Canada Day in Chase.

Canada Day celebrations in rural areas might not have the huge crowds and the extent of festivities that they do in cities, but they’re just as heartfelt and as much fun.

I’ll be attending a couple of them as the representative for Electoral Area P as we celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. Events in Chase get underway with a parade at 12 noon from Safety Mart Foods. Activities at the park start at 1, with opening remarks by dignitaries at 2.

There are concessions, a beer garden, entertainment and, at 10 p.m., fireworks.

Pritchard residents have organized a Canada Day picnic at the Pritchard beach between 2 and 6 p.m., with picnic games throughout the afternoon, and cake at 5.

Residents are asked to bring food, refreshments, and chairs.

Porta potty courtesy of Electoral Area L Director Ken Gillis and myself, via our respective TNRD budgets. The porta potty will remain on site for the summer.


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