TNRD’s bill for flood response could hit $400,000

Yates Creek was one of many flooding points in TNRD.

The spring flooding could cost $400,000 when all the bills are in, says TNRD chief administrative officer Sukh Gill.

He told a meeting of the Emergency Management and Protective Services Committee in an interim verbal report Wednesday (June 14, 2017) that costs include such things as sand and riprap, helicopter time and wages. It doesn’t include property damage incurred by residents.

Some wages will be eligible for reimbursement from the provincial government, he said.

Gill said the flooding was the largest and longest natural disaster in the TNRD since the wildfires of 2003. The regional district activated its Emergency Operations Centre on May 5, the day the flooding began after a heavy rainfall.

Twenty to 25 TNRD staffed the EOC throughout the flood period.

“It’s still not over,” he said of the process, though the EOC is now in monitoring mode.

Dealing with the floods was challenging, said Gill, because it was gradual and lengthy, whereas with a fire, there’s a clear beginning and end.

“I think we’ve learned a lot.”

Speaking of wildfires, the region is now getting ready for what’s expected to be a busy fire season.

Alyssa Charbonneau of Environment Canada told the committee we could be in for a warmer than normal summer, which will be a marked change from the wetter than normal and slightly cooler than normal spring.

“It certainly was a very wet spring,” she said.

There will be a drying trend over the next couple of weeks with an expectation of near-normal temperatures in the mid-20s, followed by a July and August with a good chance of above normal temperatures.




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