Progress being made on projects in Pritchard north

Tenure area of unofficial park is shown in red.

PRITCHARD — With summer oh-so-slowly getting here (let’s keep our hopes up, at least) the park at the north end of the Pritchard bridge will be getting busier.

TNRD staff are in the process of applying for tenure on a small piece of the property beside the bridge to accommodate the porta potty and bear-proof garbage can on a long-term basis.

Area L director Ken Gillis and I (Area P) will once again split the costs between our two budgets for the year, and Bill Anderson and other volunteers will continue handling garbage removal. Thanks again to residents who look after this beautiful spot.

I’ve also been working with the Pritchard Community Association on getting some barriers on a couple of MOTI laneways in the development to allow pedestrian use but to limit quads, as well as continuing to work towards a better pedestrian pathway along River Road.

Solution for stopping a “leak” in front of the sewage ponds and River Road continues to be elusive but TNRD utilities manager Arden Bolton assures me there is no health issue.

At the last TNRD board meeting, some zoning bylaw amendments were brought forward that are of interest. One, of course, is rural livestock limits. A section is to be added limiting the number of livestock that can be kept on non-ALR parcels of a hectare or less.

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