Flooding brings extra work for mosquito crews

Mosquito control is a science.

Spring flooding has caused enough problems, but here’s another one — mosquitos.

“Due to the amount of water that has been seen from rain and snowmelt, there is significantly more standing water than usual, which means more mosquito habitat,” said Cheryl Phippen of BWP Consulting Inc., the TNRD’s mosquito control contractor.

“Now that we are expecting warmer temperatures, adult mosquitoes will start to emerge. Crews will continue to work diligently to search for larvae and to treat as much habitat as possible.”

Area P is prominently among the areas needing attention. Extensive larval development sites in Pinantan, Paul Lake, Vinsulla and McLure have been treated, as well as Logan Lake, Knutsford, Blackpool ,Clearwater and throughout the city of Kamloops. (I can tell you that when the sun starts to sink in the evenings, the mozzies in Black Pines are second to none.)

Last week, in response to a small peak of the North Thompson River, helicopter treatment was conducted to treat mosquito larvae in flooded habitats between Darfield and Kamloops.

Both the North and South Thompson rivers are rapidly rising and the mid and high elevation snowpack has yet to melt. Significant flooding and the creation of considerable mosquito habitat from Vavenby to Kamloops along the North Thompson River, and from Chase to Kamloops along the South Thompson, is expected.

Crews that began field operations in mid-April will continue to monitor larval development in the 320 known development habitats, and will treat mosquito larvae when they’re present.

For more information about the Mosquito Control Program or to report potential mosquito habitat visit tnrd.ca or call the TNRD Mosquito Advisory Line at 250-372-5700.


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