Area P residents cope with impact of flooding

Electoral Area P has escaped the worst of the flooding, but that’s not to say it hasn’t caused major problems for residents in the area.

I’ve been getting around to as many of the affected locations as possible. Much of the damage is to roads, and a lot of repairs need to be done.

Homes haven’t entirely escaped, however. A home at Pinantan Lake had to be sandbagged last week, and residents all around the lake were watching nervously as the lake level rose.

At Little Heffley Lake, a house was flooded when Yates Creek breached its banks after the Thursday night rain and rampaged down toward the lake until it was temporarily diverted to another path. The house sustained serious flooding in the basement, and soaked drywall had to be removed. Neighbours pitched in to do substantial sandbagging around the house to prevent further flooding.

All up and down Heffley-Louis Creek Road there are spots that have been undermined or over-run by runoff.

The TNRD continues to help those in need with the EOC and to provide information through resiliency centres. EOC staff have been keeping all electoral area directors up to speed on developments.


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