Crews going full tilt to catch up to flood damage

A look at the Heffley area today (May 8, 2017) confirms significant flood damage as reported on the weekend but the water has at least slowed down. Drivers were being cautious and heeding the markers and signs erected at washout areas.

Elsewhere in the TNRD, a state of local emergency was declared at 9 p.m. tonight (May 8, 2017) for the Nicola Valley north electoral area.

The declaration provides the TNRD with the authority to perform emergency works within and around waterways, including constructing or placing erosion protection works or flood protection works. It also gives the TNRD the authority to clear obstructions from bridges or culverts.

The order, made to “protect the health, safety or welfare of people or to limit damage to property,” remains in force for seven days or until cancelled. It covers Electoral Area M (Beautiful Nicola Valley – North).

From my perspective, TNRD staff, ministries and service providers are doing amazing work trying to deal with the situation and keep people safe.

Some areas of the region are experiencing a respite from the flash flooding of the past several days after the rain stopped on Sunday, but it may be temporary. Warmer temperatures over the next couple of days are expected to create more snow melt, followed by more rain.



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