House-number signage program moving forward

Example of standard house-numbers sign. (CRD)

TNRD residents will have an opportunity to purchase economical, standardized and highly visible house-number signs when a new program gets going.

This is something I’ve been pushing for over the past several months at the suggestion of an Area P resident, as it’s a big safety issue when first responders go looking for addresses. Staff initially estimated that such signs would cost around $40 each, and that a program would need a $20,000 subsidy to be effective.

However, in checking with the Cariboo Regional District, I found that a successful program has been operating there in which signs are produced by several suppliers at a cost of only $21.50 to residents. CRD Area D director Steve Forseth helped me get the information on this program, and I ordered a sign myself to check out the size and quality, and they’re very good.

I brought this up at a board of directors meeting recently, and staff brought back a followup report at this week’s meeting of Electoral Area directors. Staff presented another sign design that is also very good — white letters on green, double-sided and reflective that can be either horizontal or vertical at a cost of about $30.

In my view, there needs to be an option for either single-sided or double-sided, since the latter wouldn’t be of any value in some driveway entrances depending on vegetation and so on.

I successfully moved that an awareness program be established that would include the TNRD providing signs for purchase, but that it be done without subsidy. Part of the motion also includes a bylaw amendment requiring civic address posting as part of occupancy permits for new construction.

It will take a while for the program to be established and the bylaw amendment brought back, but I’m pleased that this initiative has found traction.


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