Pritchard beach park project looks good for another year


Tenure area is shown in red.

The Pritchard beach park project looks like it will be a go for at least another year.

At its Thursday (March 23, 2017) meeting, the TNRD board of directors approved my motion (seconded by Director Ken Gillis) to apply for Crown tenure to a small area adjacent to the bridge to allow for location of the garbage can, a portable toilet, signage, and graveling as needed.

Plans are to add a picnic table this year.

Provincial ministries agreed to a pilot project last year but the Province requires that the region acquire Crown land tenue to carry it on.

The tenure won’t include the area traditionally used for overnight camping, as TNRD zoning bylaws don’t support camping. That land will remain under provincial jurisdiction.

Director Gillis and I will share the costs through our respective Area L and Area P budgets.

I’m really pleased at this outcome, and grateful to residents for their enthusiastic involvement in improving this beautiful little unofficial park.

I’m also working with the Pritchard Community Association and Ministry of Transportation and Highways — including Minister Tod Stone — on resolving safety concerns on River Road between the bridge and TNRD pump house.

Unfortunately, MOTI has indicated that widening the shoulder isn’t feasible due to cost and technical considerations, but we’re looking at the possibility of a pedestrian pathway on one side of the road.

It wouldn’t be practical to maintain it during the winter, but during the warmer months it would be a nice enhancement. As is the case with the park, tenure on the land would have to be acquired from the Province but I’m optimistic that with everybody’s co-operation something can be worked out.

Again, thanks very much to those community members, including PCA, who are part of the discussion.

Aerial photo of Pritchard north showing proposed tenure area in red square.


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