Line held on Paul Lake parcel taxes for the year

Paul Lake sewer plant.

PAUL LAKE — The 2017 budget approved by the TNRD board today (March 23, 2017) includes some good news for residents on the Paul Lake sewer system: expected increases to parcel taxes won’t materialize this year.

As I earlier reported, changes in the way direct labour costs are charged to individual utilities impacted each utility and its users differently. In the case of Paul Lake, parcel tax estimates went up. However, as I also stressed in following up on questions asked by residents, the increase could well be impacted by the state of the surplus. When the increase was projected in October, not all the information was in.

A number of things have impacted the surplus, such as costs that were lower than expected, and some spending that hasn’t been needed yet. The result is that the regional district is able to hold the line on Paul Lake’s sewer taxes.

There is a caveat to the good news, though — in effect, it’s a one-year reprieve. Enough of the surplus has been applied to the Paul Lake budget to keep the increase to zero for 2017, but next year’s situation could be different.




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