Test drilling for potential water source in Black Pines

Test drilling for water at Black Pines

BLACK PINES — Test drilling got underway last week for a potential new water source for the community water system.

Results of the test will determine whether ground water is a feasible alternative to the North Thompson River where it’s been hard to find a new intake site. The drill site is at the north end of the community near the transfer station.

Meanwhile, residents within the community water system have chosen to stick with the current monthly toll rates. Twenty surveys were returned of the 39 sent out for a response rate of 51 per cent.

Twelve favoured keeping the current $100 per month fee rather than lowering it to $78 — the rate proposed as a result of changes to the way the TNRD calculates direct labour costs to utilities. The surplus will go into a reserve fund for future needs such as emergency repairs.

Five households liked the $78 option, while three were in favour of reducing the monthly fee to $95, which would have had the effect of maintaining current total costs, since all utilities subscribers will see a parcel tax increase of $60 per year this year.


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