Deadline for input on hobby farms extended to Feb. 20

(Mel Rothenburger photo)

(Mel Rothenburger photo)

The deadline for input into proposed TNRD zoning changes affecting hobby farms has been extended to Feb. 20, 2017.

After receiving several inquiries, I asked about it this week and I found that staff and other directors had also been getting feedback, so the deadline is moved from Jan. 31 to give more time.

The proposed changes would affect non-ALR small acreages and would put restrictions on building sizes and livestock numbers.

There are various ways to express opinions on the changes. First, though, it’s very helpful to log into the TNRD’s website at and scroll down the home page to the section titled Latest News. There you’ll find an item headlined “Proposed Changes to Zoning for Hobby Farms.”

When you click on that you’ll find an overview of what the proposal entails as well as links to a discussion paper and to agriculture-related zoning bylaw changes. You can also click on a landowner survey form. You can fill it out online or mail it to the TNRD, or email any director.

The page also includes links to Land Use Contract and ALR information, and zoning.

It’s important to express your opinions on the proposals outlined in the discussion paper, as the hobby farm issue will be coming back to the board soon, with a public hearing on bylaw changes expected in April or May.

Here’s an earlier article I wrote about the proposals.


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