Residents warned of water risk after diesel spill in North Thompson

nthompson-spill-17jan2017Residents who use water from the North Thompson River south of Avola are being advised to check their water supply for any signs of diesel fuel.

A diesel spill south of Avola has caused contamination of the water in the river. The TNRD has stopped pumping water from the river for the Vavenby water system.

The TNRD advises residents not to use the river water if it smells or tastes like fuel. “This means no drinking, showering, bathing or brushing teeth if a a fuel odour is detected. Diesel fuel can pose a health risk following ingestion, inhalation or skin absorption,” a TNRD advisory said.

The regional district says customers should minimize water use and only use it for flushing toilets. Interior Health said anyone within 40 km. south of the spill should pay special attention.

About 800 litres of diesel was spilled when the fuel tank of a tanker truck was punctured in a crash Monday night (Jan. 16, 2017) a kilometer south of Avola.


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