Hoffman’s Bluff project officially completed

hoffmansbluff-13dec2016Construction is now officially finished on three more kilometres of upgrades on the Trans-Canada Highway with the completion of Pritchard to Hoffman’s Bluff project.

Amarjeet Sohi, federal Minister of Infrastructure and Communities and B.C.’s Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Todd Stone made the announcement Monday (Dec. 12, 2016).

The second phase of the Pritchard to Hoffman’s Bluff project involved straightening and four-laning the highway, improving accesses, and adding median barriers, wider paved shoulders and rumble strips.

An adjoining 2.8 kilometres were upgraded under the first phase of the Pritchard to Hoffman’s Bluff project that opened to traffic in July 2015. This section of Highway 1 has had a higher than average collision rate.

The project required cooperation between the provincial government and the Secwepemc Nation on environmental concerns and preservation of culturally significant sites along the corridor. A construction agreement was also required before work took place through the Neskonlith Indian Band’s reserve near Hoffman’s Bluff.

Neskonlith Indian Band Chief Judy Wilson said the project “accounts our historical presence on the land and ongoing connection to these lands.”


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