Good weather speeds work on new roof for Heffley Creek hall

Heffley Creek Community Hall

Heffley Creek Hall.

HEFFLEY CREEK — This just in from today’s (Nov. 29, 2016) edition of the Heffley Creek Holler:

As reported before, the TNRD gas tax credit program gave the approval to fund up to $55,000 for a brand new roof for the Heffley Creek Hall.

Jordan and his men from Able roofing have been busy working on the hall roof the past few weeks now, and they’ve had excellent weather (whew!).

The new roof comes with an exemplary 15 year warranty. The same fund approved energy efficiency upgrades of $45,000 (electrical, plumbing, siding, furnace), and the hall treasurer reports “significant decrease in spending on Fortis gas and hydro bills” since the upgrades took place last fall.

“These upgrades to the hall wouldn’t be possible without the awesome community mindedness of Area P Director Mel Rothenburger and TNRD Grants Coordinator Agnese Saat. The community of Heffley Creek owes them a HUGE thank you,” says hall treasurer Deb McDougall, who asked for the upgrades to the hall.


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