Public safety, healthy community front and centre at Pinantan AGM

Fire brigade president Kelly Ashley speaks to PEPLCA AGM.

Fire brigade president Kelly Ashley speaks to PEPLCA AGM.

PINANTAN — Public safety and a healthy community were common threads running through the annual general meeting of the Pinantan East Paul Lake Community Association this week.

About 40 people attended the meeting in the Pinantan elementary school, listening to a range of reports from the association’s executive as well as the fire brigade and first responders.

Lana-Michele Armstrong and Marg Seaby will act as PEPLCA co-chairs for the coming year. “We all moved here because it’s a beautiful place,” Lana-Michelle said in describing the community.

“We all want to keep it beautiful and safe.”

Kelly and Rikki Ashley reported on a successful year for the fire brigade, which is $5,100 to the good after selling the old fire truck for $4,000. The brigade is looking into the issue of obtaining permission from property owners for access in event of a fire, and may end up going door to door to collect consent letters.

Sherry Robinson, who lost her son Tyler to a fentanyl overdose in January, injected an urgent note to the meeting as she described the fentanyl crisis that is taking lives throughout the province.

She showed how simple it is to administer life-saving Naloxone, an antidote for fentanyl. A kit with three doses of Naloxone can be purchased for $60 at drug stores, and she advised families with young family members who might use drugs to get one just in case.

“Our kids are doing drugs,” she said. “It can happen to any kid. It’s a crisis.”

Tyler was 23 when he died.

She said the problem is getting worse, not better, explaining that a fentanyl overdose interferes with breathing. Naloxone can reverse it.

“Anybody can go into a pharmacy and get a kit.”

Several new directors and executive members were elected along with the co-chairs for the coming year.

I reported on some regional and electoral area issues and decisions such as economic development, hobby farm regulations, and fire department concerns, and on funding obtained for several Pinantan projects such as recreation equipment, a pump for the fire brigade, an AED for the first responders group, fire hazard signs and a round pen for the equestrian club.


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