TNRD directors pick Ranta as chair, Rice as vice-chair for coming year

TNRD board during 2016 inaugural meeting.

TNRD board during 2016 inaugural meeting.

The TNRD board stayed the course with its chair today (Nov. 10, 2016), re-electing Cache Creek Mayor John Ranta for another term. Ranta won out over Randy Murray of Electoral Area M (Beautiful Nicola Valley – North) and Willow McDonald of Electoral Area B (Thompson Headwaters).

Ranta has been mayor of Cache Creek since 1990. This is his third consecutive one-year term in the TNRD chair’s position that he’s also held several times in the past.

Ronaye Elliott (Area J – Copper Desert Country) lost her job as vice-chair to Steven Rice (Area I – Blue Sky Country), who also defeated Kamloops Coun. Marg Spina.

Unlike the election of mayors in towns and cities, regional district chairs and vice chairs are elected by board directors. It’s an interesting, though brief, process.

As the inaugural meeting approaches each year, those who are interested in either of the two positions start lobbying fellow directors, and trying to get an idea of how much support they can count on. Sometimes, the candidates are told if a director supports them, sometimes not, so it’s never a done deal until the secret ballot is held on inaugural day.

Deciding who to vote for is a combination of what you know about their experience and leadership, and how well the candidates are able to convince you when they give you a phone call, take you to coffee or talk to you in the hallway. A couple of the candidates didn’t bother asking for my vote, so I was left to decide how to vote without their assistance.

Part of the speculation revolves around the tradition of alternating the jobs between municipal directors and rural directors at least every couple of years, but obviously that didn’t come into play this time.

There never seems to be any bitterness or hard feelings on the part of those who are defeated, unlike in provincial and federal politics, or even in municipal elections. As several of the candidates emphasized in their two-minute speeches, the current board is pretty cohesive.


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