Residents encouraged to post proper street-address signs

TNRD residents will be encouraged — with a small stick — to make sure street addresses are clearly visible on their property, but the regional district won’t set up a program to provide low-cost standardized signs.

(TNRD photo)

(TNRD photo)

At Thursday’s board meeting, directors approved a recommendation from the Electoral Area Directors Committee to continue encouraging sign posting as before with the addition of press releases, advertising and brochures.

The board will also consider a bylaw amendment requiring that civic addresses be properly posted as part of the occupancy permit process for new construction.

I’d hoped a program to offer standardized address signs at an economical cost would be part of the decision, but other electoral area directors were concerned about cost.

Based on one local supplier, a staff report indicated signs of recommended quality would cost about $40 each. With a price point of $20 to encourage uptake, it would require a 50 per cent subsidy, which would cost about $20,000.

However, in checking with EA Director Steve Forseth of the Cariboo Regional District, I found that a supplier there provides the signs for $21.50 plus taxes without subsidy.

Clinton Mayor Jim Rivett, a former CRD resident, said when the sign program started there the signs were actually purchased by the regional district for a little less than they were re-sold, providing a small profit.

I’m not, therefore, convinced that the TNRD couldn’t get involved in a similar program without having to subsidize the signs, and I plan to look into it further.

Clear signage for street addresses is essential for emergency services. There are 12,250 civic addresses in TNRD electoral areas.

Here’s the earlier story I posted on this topic in August.


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