Sewer connection fee approved for Osprey Place

Pritchard sewer plant.

Pritchard sewer plant.

PRITCHARD — Osprey Place residents will pay a connection fee for new connections to the sewer system in Pritchard Developments.

The TNRD board adopted amendments to the Pritchard Developments Sewer System Utility Rates Amendment Bylaw last week for a $300 fee for new connections in the Osprey Place development.

The sewer system was constructed in 1996 to replace failing septic fields, at which time all parcels in the service area were connected to the system, so a connection fee for new development wasn’t considered.

The Osprey Place development next door to the original community on the north side of the Pritchard Bridge was approved a few years ago.

The $300 fee approved by the board is the same as connection fees for all other TNRD-owned water and sewer systems.

“The intent of the fee is to off-set labour costs to inspect new connections and administrative costs to set up accounts for billing,” said a staff report to the board.


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