Heffley Creek Community Hall to get new roof

Heffley Creek Community Hall

Heffley Creek recreation centre.

HEFFLEY CREEK — The community hall at Heffley Creek will get a new roof thanks to a $55,000 federal gas tax grant.

The TNRD board approved my two motions Thursday (Aug. 18, 2016) to put that amount toward the project from gas tax revenue designated to Electoral Area P.

Each year the federal government provides regional districts with gas tax funding. The money is then assigned by the TNRD to electoral areas according to population. EA directors accept applications from the community and obtain formal approval from the board for those that meet criteria.

This is the second major gas-tax grant for the Heffley hall in two years. Last year I obtained approval for $45,000 for improvements to heating, insulation and other needed upgrades to the hall.

Here are the motions that were approved by the TNRD board on Thursday:

THAT the expenditure to a maximum of $55,000 from the Federal Gas Tax Revenues – Community Works Fund component, allocated to Electoral Area “P” (Rivers and the Peaks), be approved to fund roof resurfacing at the Heffley Creek Community Hall located at 6955 Old Highway 5, Kamloops – Lot 1, Section 10, Township 22, Range 17 W6M, KDYD, Except Plan H925.

THAT staff be authorized to execute an agreement with The Heffley Creek Community Recreation Association (Association) which will require the Association to fulfill the requirements of the Federal Gas Tax Fund – Community Works Fund agreement.

Although the hall is within City of Kamloops boundaries, it benefits residents of Area P who live nearby. Many community events are held there.


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