10-year quest to stop McLure train whistles nearing end


Soon, the only sound at McLure level crossing will the rumble of the train.

McLURE — Good things come to those who wait — that includes getting rid of train whistles.

The 10-year quest to get the whistles stopped at the McLure crossing is coming to a successful end, as the TNRD board of directors approved my motion Thursday (Aug. 18, 2016) to give notice of their cessation.

It was the second-last step in a process that began in 2006 when residents petitioned the board to stop the whistles. Since that time, studies and negotiations between the TNRD, CN and various stakeholders have slowly made their way through a complicated system focusing on safety.

Residents re-petitioned their request in 2011. Bringing the issue to a conclusion was on my list of to-do’s when I was elected two years ago. Since then, TNRD director of community services Ron Storie has taken the lead in discussions, and the final details were worked out during the past couple of weeks.

The motion at Thursday’s meeting stated:

THAT the rail service provider and all other relevant associations be advised that train whistles should not be used at Mile 116.39 McLure Ferry Road / Canadian National Railway crossing in the Community of McLure, British Columbia.

Letters will now be sent out to some two dozen affected agencies, and a day will be set by CN on which McLure residents will hear only the rumble of the trains as they pass through — and no whistles.


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