Discourage garbage bears, WildsafeBC urges

(wildsafebc.com image)

(wildsafebc.com image)

WildsafeBC community coordinator Mandy Ross will be out in the TNRD throughout the summer tagging garbage bins that are placed out too early. She will also offer education on reducing bear attractants around homes and properties.

Much of the TNRD is bear country, so it’s important to ensure the safety of both wildlife and the community. Bears easily become habituated to garbage and become a danger to the community and themselves if they start to seek out garbage as a food source. “Please keep your bins secure and free from smells as much as possible,” says the TNRD.

Contact Mandy Ross at tnrd@wildsafebc.com for more information or for tips on managing wildlife attractants around your home. Ross will also have an information booth at some community events throughout the summer.

— TNRD media release.


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