It’s mosquito season but where are they?

Search and destroy. (BWP photo)

Search and destroy. (BWP photo)

According to the calendar, it’s mosquito season.

I can personally report that in Black Pines the little so-and-so’s are few and far between. Mostly, they show up in early evening and make a few half-hearted attempts to zoom in, but there aren’t enough of them to be a bother.

That’s a big change from a few years ago when they came in swarms so thick it was impossible to be outdoors.

TNRD environmental services director Peter Hughes tells me the mosquito control contractor, BWP, has been hard at it this spring.

I received an inquiry from a Pritchard resident wondering if control was being done in her area, because there was no sign of anything being done. Since Area P has two major rivers for boundaries, we’re an area of potentially high mosquito activity.

But it’s not unusual that there’s little evidence of control going on because things are done differently than they used to be. Aerial spraying isn’t standard practice anymore, so there might be an impression that mosquito control has been scaled back. Instead of spraying adults with pesticide, the mozzies are targeted with larvicide before they hatch out of standing water. Treatment of snowmelt mosquitos got underway in late March and early April.

BWP “will continue to monitor known habitat and manage the habitat that reactivates through irrigation and flood irrigation adjacent to residences on the north side of Pritchard Bridge,” he explained.

BWP will provide a full report later on in the season summarizing this year’s situation.

For my part, I find not being harassed by mosquitoes as we used to be in past years is a real treat, thanks to the control measures.


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