Board takes cautious approach to winter fair

The TNRD board took a cautious approach this week when it came to providing funding for the 78th Annual Provincial Winter Fair.

(KXA photo)

(KXA photo)

Society president Evelyn Pilatzke appeared in front of the board to ask for a $5,000 grant for the Provincial Winter Fair planned for Sept. 22-26 in Barriere.

But it wasn’t a simple matter — the Kamloops Exhibition Association and the society are suing each other over rights to the fair. The KXA wants an injunction against the society’s version of the fair, with a hearing set in B.C. Supreme Court in Kamloops on June 27.

The KXA was the location for the fair for many years when it was at the Mount Paul Industrial Park, and is advertising it this year for Sept. 23-26 at the Tournament Capital Ranch in Kamloops.

Director Ken Gillis suggested that if the injunction is granted, the Barriere society would basically be “out of business,” saying the TNRD should stay out of it until it’s settled.

Vice Chair Ronaye Havisto countered that denying the grant would hurt the 4-H kids for whom the event is held.

After a lengthy debate, the board decided to authorize the grant for a winter fair, but depending on what happens with legal proceedings.


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