Argo working on getting rural roads swept

Help is on way for post-winter cleaning of road between Heffley store and Sun Peaks.

Help is on way for post-winter cleaning of road between Heffley store and Sun Peaks.

HEFFLEY —  Ever wonder what goes into the spring cleaning of rural roads? A Heffley -Louis Creek Road resident wrote asking me to look into the post-winter sweeping of the road between the Heffley Creek store and Sun Peaks, which he said Argo Road Maintenance hasn’t looked after so far this year.

“Several dangerous situations still exist in the second week of May due to deposits of gravel on the median and on the sides of the road,” the resident wrote.

“Even Sun Peaks did clean their roads already so there is no reason to wait any longer with sweeping the Heffley Louis Creek Road because there might still be snow expected.

“Calls to Argo Road maintenance are not reacted on and this dangerous situation is not dealt with.

“During these nice summer days there is a lot of recreational motorcycle traffic to Sun Peaks. A group of road users that is especially vulnerable with gravel on the road.”

He asked me to contact — “Trusting to have left this matter in your hands for a quick solution”— so I did.

Here’s the main part of the response from Harvey Nelson of Argo:

“A bit of an overview for you.

“Our sweeping program has been full on since late March. For the past few years we have kept our nightshift crews on later into the spring to get the main corridors around Kamloops cleaned up away from the high traffic times.

“We start on the valley bottom roads first and work our way up to the higher elevations focusing on the highest class roads first. After these are completed we work onto the secondary hard surfaced side roads.

“We are currently completing Hwy #1 West and from there we will move onto the Coq followed by Sun Peaks, Paul Lake, Pinantan and all area side roads with one of the crews.

“Another is working Hwy 5 North from Kamloops to Clearwater and north to McMurphy, Hwy #24, Clearwater Valley, Agate Bay, and side roads….

“Last year we completed sweeping the road to Sun Peaks June 5, and if things continue as planned we should be done ahead of that this year.”

Harvey also said he’d be in contact with the resident directly.





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