Construction to start soon on Vinsulla passing lane


Stats for Vinsulla highway traffic. (File photo)

VINSULLA — 􀍴􀀃Construction of a new passing lane and commercial truck pullout will soon begin on the Yellowhead Highway at Vinsulla from 3.8 km. north of the intersection with Josephine Road and extending 2.3 km towards McLure.

The project, announced last year, includes the northbound passing lane, barriers and rumble strips.

Transportation Minister Todd Stone said passing lanes along Highway 5 are a priority. More than a thousand trucks move goods through the region every day. “Traffic volumes increase as we get closer to the busy summer season.”

The improvements are designed to ease congestion and alleviate driver frustration by providing a safe place to pass. In addition, the construction of a commercial truck pullout will allow commercial vehicles to safely pull over for inspections and to rest, Stone said.

The pullout will include toilet facilities. Work is scheduled to begin in June with completion anticipated in October this year.

Engineering work has begun at a second location for new passing lanes near Darfield between Barriere and Little Fort. A new, three-kilometre southbound passing lane will be added and the existing northbound passing lane will be extended by 2.7 kilometres.

Kamloops-North Thompson MLA Terry Lake said the volume of traffic on that stretch has increased by about eight per cent since 2010.

“In the past few years, we’ve resurfaced sections of the highway, added new guardrails and constructed new passing lanes at Chappel Creek and Camp Creek,” Lake said.


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