Bio-control program has a new partner

Dr. Catherine Tarasoff.

Dr. Catherine Tarasoff.

The TNRD is partnering with Agrowest Consulting to offer a free bio-control program to help private land owners control weeds.

The regional district announced in a press release today (May 5, 2016) that it’s working with Dr. Catherine Tarasoff of Agrowest Consulting to talk with private landowners about site suitability for the program.

For more than 20 years, the TNRD has been releasing bio-control insects for knapweed, hound’s tongue, Dalmation toadflax, leafy spurge and Canada thistle on private land. The insects are “host specific” and will not attack native vegetation or even other weedy species.

The insects target different parts of an invasive plant — mining the roots and stems, eating the seeds or defoliating the leaves. Bio-control is a long-term commitment so ideal release sites are large infestations of a single species of uncropped range land.

Land owners interested in receiving insects are asked to contact the TNRD at 250-377-8673. Information about other programs to help fight invasive plants, including a cost-share program, herbicide rebates, a new-invader program and a sprayer loan-out program is available at


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