Survey on winter hours for eco-depot prefers status quo

Heffley-ecosurvey02may2016HEFFLEY — It’s status quo for hours at the Heffley Creek Eco-Depot.

The current winter weekend hours are based on the preferences of residents expressed in an earlier survey, but there was some question whether they would have a different opinion of winter hours if a survey was taken during winter season instead of summer, so I asked staff to do one.

The new survey was handed out at the eco-depot between March 1 and April 1 and it indicates no change in people’s preferences. For the most part, they like it the way it is.

Asked if they prefer the current winter schedule, open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday and closed Sunday, 45.33 per cent said they do, while 30.67 per cent said they would rather see it open four hours on saturday and four hours on Sunday during the winter. Twenty-four per cent said it doesn’t matter.

Those using the eco-depot were also asked for preferences on opening times if it was to be opened a half day on Saturday and a half day on Sunday. About 32 per cent said they’d prefer afternoons, just a little higher than those who would prefer mornings.

Several people commented that it should be open seven days a week, but the opening days and hours are based on holding the line on costs.

Among other comments:

“I was one of few (who) filled out survey last time. Same comments — let the staff have a day off, stay closed Sunday. I can work my schedule around it for the winter.”

“Neither option is acceptable. Eco-depots to better serve the public should be open full days on Saturday and Sunday and closed on two days during the week. You are only giving two options instead of asking whether the depot should be closed two days during Monday-Friday.”

“At present there is no landfill available between Kamloops and Valemount during business hours. This is a real problem for those of us who only have the option of Sunday to get rid of our trash, and yard waste prior to April 1.”

“Please don’t open Sundays. Family time.”



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