Toilet paper vandals strike community park

Pinantan Community Park.

Pinantan Community Park.

PINANTAN — ‘Oh, come on, really!?!’

That’s one of the headlines in the current issue of the PEPLCA Community Free Press, and no wonder. Somebody’s been ripping off — literally — toilet paper from the toilet facility in the community park.

What’s really maddening is that the culprits aren’t even taking it home with them. Instead, they’re simply tossing it down the toilet hole.

“We’re REALLY lucky to have a company within the community that pumps out this toilet for free (Thank you Nicole and hubby!!),” says the story in the Free Press.

“We’re EXTREMELY fortunate to have volunteers within the community who clean this facility and stock it with toilet paper (thank you PEPLCA director volunteers XO).”

But then there’s the toilet paper thing, “a complete waste of funds and resource — AND this ‘waste’ is a REAL problem to remove as these rolls can’t be pumped.”

On the bright side, the newsletter also reports that things are going well with the volunteer fire department, with 25 volunteers on the roster. Anyone interested in volunteering is asked to call Kelly at 250-573-1117.


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