Rural residents big supporters of symphony

KSO-ksoSome people might view rural folks as stay-at-homes who spend all their time minding their chickens and sitting on the porch, but they’re big supporters of the arts.

I mentioned some time ago that rural residents are an important part of the Western Canada Theatre’s audience. Turns out they love the symphony, too.

Seven per cent of subscribers to the Kamloops Symphony Orchestra are from outside the city of Kamloops. Likewise, nine per cent of single ticket buyers are outside the city in other parts of the TNRD, and 10 per cent of music school students come from rural areas.

So, the TNRD board has approved a sponsorship of $5,000 for the symphony’s upcoming 40th anniversary season. The sponsorship gets the TNRD several forms of advertising and recognition, but that’s not what it’s about.

The symphony is a valuable community cultural asset, both in the city and in the surrounding region, and deserves support to keep it vibrant.


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