Isobel Lake trails project to receive $24,000 grant


Isobel Lake trails project is in a picturesque setting.

When people come to the TNRD looking for help with a good project, a little co-operation can go a long way. Recently, the Kamloops Thompson Trails Alliance appeared as a delegation at a meeting of TNRD electoral area directors asking for financial assistance on a multi-year project to enhance a low-mobility trail system at Isobel Lake 25 km. north of Kamloops.

The Kamloops Hiking Club, which has been helping the Alliance, describes the project this way on its website:

“This project was started in 1994 by the B.C. Forest Service, but the trail system remains incomplete and many of the facilities were never constructed. School District 73 uses Isobel Lake for environmental education along with its nearby McQueen Lake Environmental Centre. Isobel Lake is well suited for this low mobility accessible project, which is expected to be welcomed as a recreational retreat for seniors and low mobility individuals of all ages. The trails and facilities will be built to current Parks Canada standards and allow both day use and camping opportunities.”

While the facility is in Director Ronaye Elliott’s Electoral Area J, several rural directors from other areas, including yours truly, saw a lot of value in this commendable project. They consulted among themselves and came up with $24,000 in federal gas tax money toward this year’s work on the trail.

Seems easy, but there’s a fair amount of procedural rigamarole involved in such a venture. Here’s the excerpt from the TNRD board minutes that will be adopted this week:

12c5. Federal Gas Tax Funding — Kamloops Trails Alliance, Isobel Lake Wheelchair Accessible Trail Development
The report from the Director of Community Services dated March 14, 2016 regarding Federal gas Tax Funding for Isobel Lake wheelchair accessible trail development was considered by the Board. The request for funding originated with the Kamloops Trails Alliance.
Moved by Director Elliott
Seconded by Director Rothenburger
THAT the expenditure to a maximum of $24,000.00 from Federal Gas Tax Revenues – Communities Works Fund component, be approved to fund the expansion of the handicap accessible Isobel Lake Trail Network, secured under Recreation Sites and Trails BC Partnership Agreement PA13DKA-16.
Moved by Director Elliott
Seconded by Director Rothenburger
THAT the Thompson-Nicola Regional District contribution be provided from the following Federal Gas Tax allocations:
  • Electoral Area ‘B’ (Thompson Headwaters) – $1,000.00;
  • Electoral Area ‘I’ (Blue Sky Country) – $5,000.00;
  • Electoral Area J (Copper Desert Country – $5,500.00;
  • Electoral Area ‘L’ (Grasslands) – $5,000.00;
  • Electoral Area ‘O’ (Lower North Thompson) – $2,500.00; and
  • Electoral Area ‘P’) (Rivers and the Peaks) – $5,000.00.
Moved by Director Elliott
Seconded by Director Rothenburger
THAT staff be authorized to execute an agreement with the Kamloops Trails Alliance (Alliance) which will require the Alliance to fulfill the requirements of the Federal Gas Tax Fund – Community Works Fund agreement.

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