Gas tax money to improve water system

Prtichard-hydrantgaugesPRITCHARD — Fire hydrants in Pritchard North will be upgraded to improve maintenance of the community water system.

The TNRD board of directors approved my motion on Thursday (March 24, 2016) for $15,000 in gas tax funding to do the work on hydrants in the community.

One standpipe has already been replaced with a hydrant, and other hydrants will be refurbished with the funds. The condition of the hydrants has been a concern to residents since a fire early this year.

The gas tax funding will be used to take the hydrants apart, inspect them and replace parts as needed. Here’s the main text of a report to the TNRD board in support of the funding:

RECOMMENDATION: That the expenditure of $15,000 in Federal Gas Tax – Community Works Fund revenues allocated to Electoral Area ‘P’ (Rivers and the Peaks) be approved to fund the refurbishment and replacement of flushing infrastructure for the Pritchard Community Water System.

SUMMARY: Director Rothenburger would like to allocate Federal Gas Tax – Community Works Fund revenues to fund the replacement and capacity enhancement of flushing infrastructure for the Pritchard Community Water System.

BACKGROUND: The TNRD assumed ownership of the existing Pritchard community Water System in 2001. Existing infrastructure included fire hydrants, which are vital to system operations as flushing points. Soil conditions in the Pritchard area are such that hydrant components have corroded and require repair and replacement of internal components.

One hydrant was rebuilt earlier this year, and proposed is the refurbishment of the remaining 6 hydrants, as well as the installation of one additional hydrant to replace a failed standpipe. Although all hydrants could be replaced with standpipes, hydrant capacity will allow for more effective flushing as the flow rate is greater than that of standpipes.

DISCUSSION: Director Rothenburger recognizes the benefit to the water system of refurbishing the hydrants to improve flushing efficiency resulting in better quality water supplied to the community and is in support of providing Federal Gas Tax funding to assist with this project.

This project will qualify under the Drinking Water category as it contributes to efficient operating and improved water quality.

Federal Gas Tax funding expenditures are to support national objectives of productivity and economic growth, a clean environment and strong cities and communities. This project will meet these objectives.


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