Contract awarded for sewage plant upgrade

Pritchard wastewater treatment plant.

Pritchard wastewater treatment plant.

PRITCHARD — A Lee Creek company has been awarded the contract for installation of a major upgrade to the Pritchard North sewage treatment plant.

The TNRD board approved my motion (seconded by Director Ken Gillis) at its Thursday, March 10 meeting awarding the contract as follows:

“Moved by Director Rothenburger, Seconded by Director Gillis

“THAT the contract for the TNRD Pritchard Wastewater Treatment Plan – Headworks Building and Sludge Removal System be awarded to Spooner Industrial Ltd., Lee Creek, BC for a maximum price of $385,827.75, AND THAT the Chair and Corporate Officer be authorized to execute the contract with Spooner Industrial Ltd. for the work. CARRIED.”

The upgrade, which will improve the efficiency of the plant and reduce labour costs, was the subject of an announcement last summer of federal-provincial infrastructure funding.


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