Pinantan potholes receive some spring patching

Pinantan potholes.

Pinantan potholes.

PINANTAN – Some rough patches on the Pinantan Road are getting attention from Argo Road Maintenance.

A Pinantan resident asked me to look into why some potholes and drainage ditches hadn’t been looked into. As usual, MOTI and Argo were quick to respond. Here’s the reply to the resident from Harvey Nelson, general manager at Argo:

“I have been forwarded your concerns for the water ponding along the road in the area as per your photos along with your other comments.

“Argo was up to this site March 4/16 and we were able to hand dig to unplug one section and have applied thru One Call Services to have the utility lines marked in the area of concern before we can proceed with cleaning the ditch line with a machine.

“Once the line is marked we will go in and open up the drainage to dry the location out and repair the potholes.

“Over the weekend the crew went in and cleaned the potholes out and filled them with cold mix for now, however this only temporary with the ground being so wet and the frost not completely out.

“A compounding problem along this section is the driveway access culverts are not being maintained by the property owners, or they are non-existent, which then impedes the drainage as well.

“We hope to have approval from the One Call Services sometime later this week after which we’ll address this concern.

“As for our winter maintenance, we have regular staffed crews in place from October 15th to March 15th each winter running the two shifts at 11.42 hours/shift.

“You had commented on the plow trucks only coming after the school bus was through which can be the case at times however that truck is not the only truck on the school bus route. The day shift (05:15 to 16:40) truck goes up at the start of the shift and works its way into the back end at McNolty and the subdivision. This truck finishes up at the end of the shift making sure the school bus route is done on its way out. Nightshift (17:15 to 04:40) crew comes in and a truck goes up and also works the Paul Lk/ Pinantan/ Pritchard area roads and ensures the school bus routes are addressed at the end of that shift prior to quitting time which is prior to the school bus coming up in the morning. We work closely with the School Bus Superintendent and meet regularly to ensure their bus routes are being adequately addressed.

“You had also mentioned that you have had broken windshields from operators not turning off their spinners. It is unfortunate when this happens however their isn’t any requirement for the operators to turn the spinners off. We do ask our drivers to turn the spinners off when/if they can depending on the conditions. Even with the spinners off the chain is still dispensing material onto the road.

“In the future if you have concerns please call our 24/7 answering service number (1 800 661-2025). This number is staffed year round and they will forward your concerns to the crew in the field whenever the call comes in and also sends copies of the messages to our management staff for follow up.”


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