TNRD, BCGEU sign 3-year contract

TNRD-logoThe TNRD has reached a three-year agreement with the more than 100 BCGEU members employed by the TNRD Library System.

The agreement, reached Jan. 27, was approved by the TNRD board Thursday (Feb. 18, 2016), a day after it was ratified by the BCGEU members.

Running from Jan. 1 this year to Dec. 31, 2018, it provides for annual wage increases of 1.5 per cent over the three years of the term, and there is an introduction of a tiered wage scale for all new hires.

“Ratifying another three-year agreement provides stability for TNRD Library System employees, their employer and residents of the TNRD who depend on library services,” said TNRD Chair John Ranta.

“This agreement is the product of give-and-take at the bargaining table, but it reflects our common goal to support and improve the delivery of quality services at an affordable and manageable cost to taxpayers within the TNRD’s budget.”

BCGEU staff representative Brenda Beckmann called it “a fair” contract.

“We look forward to ongoing good relations between the union and management during the term of the agreement,” she said.


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