Winery expansion plan goes to ALC for review


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MONTE CREEK — A plan to add entertainment and events facilities to the Monte Creek Ranch Winery will go to the Agricultural Land Commission for a decision on the first step of the process.

The TNRD board voted Thursday to forward the application to the ALC for a decision on allowing non-farm uses on agricultural land. If the ALC approves of the plan to build an amphitheatre, restaurant and outdoor wedding area, it will come back to the board for a site-specific rezoning.

A staff report to the board said the Planning Services department would recommend the rezoning if the ALC gives its stamp of approval for the addition of non-farm uses.

“On the other hand, ALC refusal would result in the file being closed and partial application fee refund,” the report said.

I received an emailed letter Wednesday from a spokesperson for family members living on River Vista Road (which is Electoral Area P) across the South Thompson River from Monte Creek opposing the project.

Montecreekwinery-rezoneThe letter, which I forwarded to the Board for consideration Thursday, expresses concerns about noise from the proposed 500-seat amphitheatre and outdoor events. Jonathan Fershau also wrote that he is opposed to non-farm use on the property.

Planning services director Regina Sadilkova said details of the plan, including noise issues, will be addressed through a study if it gets the green light from the ALC, and that residents will have an opportunity to speak to it at a public hearing for the zoning bylaw amendment.


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