Dangerous dog area expanded

The TNRD’s dangerous dog service has been expanded to included Electoral Areas J (Copper Desert Country) and O (Lower North Thompson).

Directors Ronaye Elliott and Bill Kershaw had earlier applied to have their areas included in the service and the expansion was formally approved Thursday (Jan. 21, 2016).

TNRD offices are in Civic Building on Victoria Street.

TNRD offices are in Civic Building on Victoria Street.

According to the 2011 census, there are about 1,560 residents in Area J and 1,335 in Area O. Area P (Rivers and the Peaks) is already part of the service, as are Area I (Blue Sky Country), M (Beautiful Nicola Valley North), and N (Beautiful Nicola Valley South).

The bylaw provides for seizure and impoundment of dangerous dogs that have “(a) killed or seriously injured a person (b) killed or seriously injured a domestic animal in a public place or while on private property (other than property owned or occupied by the person responsible for the dog) or (c) an Animal Control Officer has reasonable grounds to believe is likely to kill or seriously injure a person.”

No significant increases in cost for the service are expected, so the cost to those electoral areas already part of the service may be reduced.

“There may be minor overall cost increases in terms of actual costs included,” a staff report said, “but significant savings could be realized by the current participants by having a larger pool of taxpayers contributing to the service delivery costs.”

Some other highlights from the meeting:

  • The board approved proceeding with the termination of the Land Use Contract for Whitecroft and replacing it with zoning. Staff will now continue to consult with residents and return to the board with a detailed report and the necessary bylaws in the spring.
  • Chair John Ranta announced committees for the coming year. I’ve been appointed to the Emergency Management and Protective Services, Utility Systems and Regional Solid Waste Management committees, all of which have particular relevance to Electoral Area P, so I look forward to working on them.
  • An application to subdivide a parcel at 3265 Robbins Range Road was recommended for refusal to the Agricultural Land Commission. The 66-ha. parcel is immediately adjacent to the southern boundary of Kamloops in Barnhartvale and would be cut into four smaller parcels. Staff opposed the application due to concerns about creating more development pressure close to the city. I voted against the recommendation not to support it to the ALC.




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