Pinantan to get new mailboxes

The new design for community mailboxes not only look better, they're hard to break into.

The new design for community mailboxes not only look better, they’re harder to break into.

PINANTAN — There’s some good news coming for Pinantan on the community mailbox issue.

Many rural communities have suffered from theft of mail from community mailboxes but Pinantan in particular has had a number of them, and I’ve been talking to Canada Post about it over the past year.

Canada Post now tells me that the group boxes at the Pinantan store and down the street on Harper Ranch-Pinantan Road will be replaced with the newer, stronger, more theft-proof models.

Mike Taks of Canada Post says he has put in an order for the news boxes, though it’s not known exactly when they’ll be swapped with the old ones. He works out of the Kelowna office and covers the Okanagan-Mainline area that takes in our area as well as communities like Clearwater, Merritt and Revelstoke, and there’s a lot of demand for the new boxes.

The post office is moving as fast as it can to replace the old ones with the new ones, giving priority to locations that have experienced high theft rates.

Though no mailbox is immune to theft — there have been cases in which thieves have hauled away the entire group of boxes — the new ones are definitely harder to break into, he said.

The latest design is third generation, with improvements being made as more experience is gained with them. The new boxes have been showing up in several spots around the area. I got a “tour” of the stronger boxes when I was at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities conference in Edmonton in June and Taks said the design has been made better even since then.

A look at news reports shows that mailbox theft — especially from the older versions — continues at a high rate across the country and especially in B.C.

Taks stressed the need for people to collect their mail promptly in order to minimize the risk of having it stolen from the boxes in a break-in.

I had also made inquiries about the community mailboxes at the entrance to Gottfriedson Estates, which have also been prone to break-ins, and Taks said he will investigate that location to see what can be done.


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