Whitecroft zoning ready for next step

Whitecroft village. (TNRD photo)

Whitecroft village. (TNRD photo)

WHITECROFT — The rezoning of Whitecroft will take the next step Thursday (Jan. 21, 2016) when TNRD staff presents a report to the regional board recommending a bylaw be put together by spring making it so.

The report explains that changes to the Local Government Act terminate all Land Use Contracts in the province, and asks approval to start termination of the LUC under which Whitecroft was developed in 1972.

LUCs were a short-term development tool that lasted only from 1972 to 1978 and were often stricter than zoning, creating tailor-made regulations for specific lands.

“The critical difference between zoning and LUCs is that one is a regulation, the other a form of contract,” the report states. “A contract typically requires agreement of both parties to effect and revise.”

The province has decreed that all LUCs must be terminated by June 30, 2024. The Whitecroft LUC will be replaced with zoning — the first LUC development to be dealt with in the TNRD, which has 46 of them affecting 454 properties. There are 185 residential parcels in Whitecroft.

If the board agrees to move forward, further consultation will be held with residents following up on a public meeting held in November. Surveys and mailouts would be done, and the matter has to come back for a public hearing before the change is adopted by the board.



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