TNRD working on hydrant issue

Pritchard has seven fire hydrants.

Pritchard has seven fire hydrants.

PRITCHARD – Two members of TNRD staff met with the Pritchard Fire Protection Committee on Thursday night (Jan. 14, 2016) to discuss a fire hydrant failure and what can be done to avoid future problems.

Finance director Doug Rae and emergency services supervisor Jason Tomlin talked with members of the committee about an incident on the evening of New Year’s day when volunteer firefighters responded to a fire on Bostock Crescent and discovered a nearby fire hydrant didn’t work.

The firefighters then connected hoses to another hydrant about 800 ft. away and were able to contain the fire before it spread to nearby homes. The fire destroyed a large shed.

The meeting, which Electoral Area L Director Ken Gillis and I also attended, was positive and informative, and TNRD staff are taking steps to fix the situation. A communications plan to improve flow of information between TNRD and the fire department will be developed, and arrangements are being made to check the other six hydrants in the Pritchard development.

I’ve asked that the community be informed about the background to the situation, as well as details on what’s being done, and I’ll also report back here when more information is available.


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