Artistic talent has no boundaries

Last year's Art Exposed. (Kamloops Arts Council, Katie Kershaw photo)

Last year’s Art Exposed. (Kamloops Arts Council, Katie Kershaw photo)

Does art have boundaries?

That’s the question TNRD directors asked themselves Thursday (Dec. 10, 2015) when the Kamloops Arts Council asked for a $5,000 donation towards its upcoming Art Exposed Open Exhibition.

The issue was whether other parts of the region should support a Kamloops arts organization and an event within the city.

The arts council’s executive director Kathy Sinclair told the board the event will feature artists from all around the region. It’s set for March 11-19 in the Old Courthouse and is open to all residents of the TNRD to submit artwork in any medium.

Last year’s show featured more than 189 pieces by 90 regional artists; it’s expected at least that many will be part of this year’s show.

This region, including Area P, has an impressive number of talented artists. Among them are Leslie Bolin of Heffley Lake, Debra Powell and Janice Jarvis of Pinantan and Judy Kalas of Whitecroft.

Among the many others are Petrina Gregson of Clearwater, Bill Fell of Sun Peaks, Maureen Smith of Barriere, Sharon Antoniak of Knutsford and Donna Vanderlip of Westwold.

The TNRD’s grant, which was approved unanimously by the board, will account for almost a third of the total budget of $15,980, with private sector and provincial donations and grants, as well as registration fees and art sales making up the remainder.

I was one of several directors speaking in favour of the funding, and I like Director Sally Watson’s suggestion that as the major funder, the TNRD should be recognized as the title sponsor, preferably within the name of the event.

Watson joked that this was the first time she, Director Arjun Singh, Director Peter Milobar and I had ever agreed on something.


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