Blacks Pines water turns brown

Resident took picture of what water looks like in Black Pines.

Resident took picture of what water looks like in Black Pines.

BLACK PINES — Residents using the Black Pines community water system are getting water with an unappealing brown tinge coming out of their taps.

A number of people have mentioned the brown colour of the water over the past few weeks. TNRD staff note that because the river is low, less fresh surface water is entering the back eddy where the current intake is located.

Staff say the brown colour is likely a combination of turbidity along with iron and manganese that precipitates when the water is chlorinated.

It’s an issue that’s typical for the season but it seems to have occurred earlier this year.

The condition of the back eddy is a concern because when the river is low there’s no longer fresh water flowing through the channel at the north end of a large sandbar beside and north of the eddy. The new intake would be further south.

TNRD staff are paying close attention to the colour issue and Director of Environmental Services Peter Hughes said the water is being tested to get a more detailed picture of what’s causing the color.

A boil-water recommendation has been in place for quite some time for water consumed from the system.


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