Board meeting highlights Nov. 19

Public hearings for three bylaws

A public hearing was held for Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 2522, 2015. The applicant requested that portions of Sections 27 and 28, Township 17, Range 21, W6M, be rezoned from AF-1: Agriculture/Forestry to I-3: General Industrial Zone to enable establishment of an industrial park and allow a variety of industrial land uses. No one appeared before the Board to speak at the public hearing. The Board adopted Bylaw No. 2522.

TNRDThere was also a public hearing held for Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 2532, 2015. The applicant requested amendment of Zoning Bylaw No. 2400 by rezoning lands at 2901 Petit Creek Road — specifically a western section of the land from RL-1: Rural to SH-1: Small Holdings Zone; and an eastern portion from RL-1: Rural to CR-1: Country Residential Zone. The rezoning will enable a two-lot subdivision and a revised set of rural land uses. No one spoke at the public hearing. The Board adopted Bylaw No. 2532.

A public hearing was held for Temporary Use Permit 8 Bylaw No. 2532, 2015. Bylaw No. 2534, if passed, would allow 10 recreational vehicles to be used for seasonal accommodation for a period of up to three years at 4333 East Barriere FSR. Three people appeared to speak in favour of the issuance of the temporary use permit. The Board adopted Bylaw No. 2534, which issued the temporary use permit.

Adoption of Composting Regulation Bylaws

Kamloops South Official Community Plan Amendment Bylaw 2524, 2015, and Zoning Amendment Bylaw 2516, 2015, were both adopted to implement composting regulations, and to regulate biosolid processing and composting.

2016-20 Provisional Financial Plan Adopted

The 2016-20 Provisional Financial Plan Bylaw No. 2535, 2015, was presented to the Board and was adopted with no amendments. The 2016 Provisional Budget estimates a tax requisition of $23,470,875. This represents an overall decrease of 2.08 per cent or $498,091 from the 2015 annual budget of $23,968,966. The 2016 Provisional Budget also includes setting aside $2,609,659 into operating and capital reserves for anticipated future needs, net of $254,350, that will be used for specific capital purchases in 2016.

Search and Rescue Capital Grants Distributed

The following Search and Rescue fall intake of capital grants were approved:

– Kamloops SAR $5,604.

– Wells Gray SAR $6,308.91.

2016 Committee Meeting Schedule Adopted

The 2016 TNRD Committee Meeting Schedule was adopted and is available at

Savona Water System to Receive Upgrade

The Board resolved that $50,000 in Federal Gas Tax — Community Works Fund revenue, allocated to Electoral Area “J” (Copper Desert Country), be approved to fund the Savona Community Water System pump upgrade.

Film Commission Seeks Funding

An application will be submitted to Southern Interior Development Initiative Trust to secure grant funding to upgrade the Thompson-Nicola Film Commission website. An application will also be submitted to the Northern Development Initiative Trust Marketing Initiatives and Economic Development Capacity Building programs to secure grant funding to upgrade the TNFC website, develop up to nine vignettes and create an interactive video for NDIT/Gold Country tourism stakeholders.

— Source, TNRD The Current.


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