Volunteers make a community

Community association repaired and moved dock in Pinantan this past summer.

Community association repaired and moved dock in Pinantan this past summer.

PINANTAN — No community can be successful without volunteers, and Pinantan is a perfect example of that.

I attended the annual general meeting of the Pinantan East Paul Lake Community Association on Monday night (June 16, 2015) and was impressed all over again with the enthusiasm of this group’s members and executive.

The association is involved in a long list of community projects, whether in an organizational or support role. For example, there’s the annual Country Fair in August and the Winterfest in January, and fundraisers like the annual dinner and silent auction.

The cooperation among the community association, First Responders and Fire Association shows the tremendous community spirit in Pinantan.

Pinantan has a beautiful community park but it takes volunteers to keep it clean and maintained. This past summer, community association members repaired and moved the dock, a major job.

Next year’s country fair is expected to add more emphasis on traditional fall fair features such as baking and produce competitions.

Kelly Ashley, who heads up the new executive for the fire association, reported that brigade members have been practicing every week since August and that further training is being arranged. I’m looking forward to meeting with representatives of the association along with TNRD staff members next week.

I reported to the community association on some highlights of the past year at the regional district, Area P and Pinantan levels.

I explained the TNRD’s new communications policy, reviewed some of the infrastructure funding and gas tax funding that has been committed to projects in Area P, and some of the other issues that have come up.

Specific to Pinantan, I mentioned the resolution of a couple of issues relating to repaving of the road, obtaining campfire ban and fire danger rating signs, community mailbox thefts, and underwater debris cleanup at the park, and congratulated the new fire association executive.

The latter has asked about the potential for cellphone service in Pinantan. That’s a challenge due to cost but I’ll be working with the community to gather information. More on that later.

Congratulations to Valerie Black, who was re-elected president of PEPLCA, returning vice president Lana-Michele Armstrong and the new executive.


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