Zoning coming to Whitecroft

Whitecroft residents talked about zoning questions before and after meeting.

Whitecroft residents talked about zoning questions before and after meeting.

WHITECROFT — A small percentage of residents turned out to a meeting Monday night Nov. 9, 2015) to hear about some big changes coming their way.

Eighteen people attended a TNRD meeting at the Heffley Creek hall on the conversion of Land Use Contracts to zoning, with many of their questions having to do with the effect zoning will have on common property, the Agricultural Land Reserve, and the potential for subdividing strata properties to fee simple.

TNRD development services director Regina Sadilkova, planners Barb Jackson and Dan Wallace, and I attended on behalf of the regional district.

Jackson reviewed the history of LUC 80 in Whitecorft, established in 1973, and development of the village since then. Wallace explained that part of Whitecroft remains in the ALR though there’s little agricultural activity, and that the Agricultural Land Commission proposes a block exclusion of the properties from the ALR.

He said options include supporting that exclusion, doing nothing or leaving it to the ALC to make boundary adjustments.

But he said that while properties may be excluded from the ALR, those currently outside the ALR won’t be allowed in.

Sadilkova reviewed the differences between limited common property on strata titles and the older situation of all property on a strata lot being common. She stressed that homeowners should consult legal advice on any changes they might wish to make on the status of their properties with regard to strata.

The provincial government decided a couple of years ago to eliminate Land Use Contracts within 10 years, which means local governments will have to put regular zoning into place.

Sadilkova said the new zoning will tend to be more permissive than the LUCs. The TNRD is proposing to create three zones in Whitecroft: ­ R-1 single family residential, CR-1 country residential (in which most of the lots are one to two acres), and AF-1 agriculture forestry for a few larger lots of eight to 15 acres.

Staff will continue collecting input and present a report to the TNRD board. A public hearing will be held on new bylaws. Sadilkova said the timing of the conversion depends on many factors but expects the changes to be made next year.


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