Full agenda for Black Pines meeting

Looking toward Black Pines intake area in winter.

Looking toward Black Pines intake area in winter.

BLACK PINES — Residents will decide on Tuesday, Nov. 3 whether to take the next step toward a decision on the community’s water system.

The TNRD will host a meeting at the Whispering Pines hall starting at 7 p.m. to provide an update on a proposal for a new intake. Residents will be asked to indicate whether they want to go ahead with a formal public assent process that, if successful, would approve borrowing of up to $460,000 towards the estimated $1.345 million cost.

Federal-provincial infrastructure funding for two-thirds has been approved, unlike the previous petition early in the year when application was still being made.

If the meeting is well-attended and agrees to another formal approval process for borrowing the local share, residents at the meeting will then be asked to express a preference for a petition or a referendum. The differences in the two will be explained at the meeting.

It will be a full agenda. In answer to concerns about the need for more information, I’ve been getting answers for water users over the past several months. Also, several questions that were asked at a community meeting in September will be dealt with at the meeting.

In addition to staff overviews, TRUE Engineering will give a presentation, and Interior Health is also forwarding information on basic questions about health implications, especially filtration.

This is shaping up to be the most information-packed meeting I’ve experienced on the issue.

I’ve emailed answers to as many people as I have email addresses for, but if anyone would like to be added to the Black Pines list or would like me to email them the Q&A, please let me know by sending me an email or giving me a call.

A paper copy will also be available at the meeting, as well as a drawing of the proposed project. Staff has actually expanded on some of the answers I sent around earlier.

This is an important meeting, so let’s hope the World Series isn’t on that night!


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