Two EAs join dangerous dog service

Control of dangerous dogs will be extended to two more Electoral Areas and that’s good news not just for them, but for the areas already part of the service.

Areas J and O will now be included, at the request of Directors Ronaye Elliott and Bill Kershaw, who represent those two areas respectively.

The service was established in 2014 for areas I, M, N and P to provide enforcement against dogs that have killed or seriously injured a person or domestic animal in a public place.

Little additional cost is expected for extending the service to the two additional EAs, which will spread out the cost and reduce the contribution needed by those that are already in the service.

Area P is currently responsible for 32 per cent (or $11.46 per year per average residential property) of the total cost of the service but that will go down to 20 per cent (or about $6.99).

Based on the 2011 census, Area J has 1,560 residents, Area O has 1,335.

So far this year, the bylaw enforcement officer has received eight calls in Area P — in Pinantan, Westsyde Road, McLure and Paul Lake Road. Sometimes the calls don’t fall under the terms of the bylaw, such as a complaint of an unsupervised dog, but in other cases — such as aggressive dogs — the situation has been resolved with the owner.

A report from staff says calls are down by about a third from last year.


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