Pritchard park is a little gem

Enjoying stroll along river at Pritchard.

Enjoying stroll along river at Pritchard.

PRITCHARD — I was in Pritchard on Friday Sept. 18 to discuss the beautiful little park located on the north side of the South Thompson beside the bridge.

It was a busy day at the park, with lots of people camping and boating, heading onto the river to fish.

This park is undeveloped, with no maintenance or basic amenities such as garbage cans or public toilets. As well as recreational use, contractors for the work being done on the Trans Canada across the river are currently using it for access to fill up tanker trucks for dust control.

The entrance to the park is in rough shape, with big depressions created by traffic through the mud during wet weather.

While visitors make a lot of use of the park, Pritchard residents also enjoy it for relaxing and dog walking, and right now, with low water, you can walk a long way along the shore.

I know the condition of this park has been a concern to local residents for a long time, and I’ll look into whether various jurisdictions can do anything about that. Of course, any improvements to the park might bring more people, which might include disturbances to the neighbourhood, so it’s a sensitive situation.

Still, I think it’s time to take a look at it and talk about what should be done.


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